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WA Independent Power Association

The WA Independent Power Association (WA IPA) represents the interests of independent power generators, retailers and industry service providers operating in Western Australia.

The Association supports the development of an open and competitive electricity market in this State.

The Association was officially formed in April 2012. It brings together independent power companies, investors and service providers, each of which supplies electricity to the Western Australian market. Read more about WA IPA

Benefits of a competitive market

  • Increased competition in power generation and retailing, placing downward pressure on costs and prices.
  • Private sector investment in energy infrastructure, freeing up government funds for much needed social infrastructure.
  • Innovative market-based solutions to energy supply issues.
  • Long term jobs created, many in regional areas.
  • De-centralised sources of power generation in regional areas.
  • Diversified ownership of assets.
  • Reduced risk of disruption to supply.
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Download the WA IPA brochure

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