About the Association

The WA IPA works to ensure that the Western Australian power industry is open and competitive. It supports private investment in electricity infrastructure, power generation and supply and a competitive retail market.

Since 2006 independent power companies have invested more than $4 billion in the WA electricity market, providing more than 40 per cent of the power generated in WA’s main grid. Private retailers are now also supplying electricity customers in the contestable market. 

This significant private investment has resulted in:

  1. Increased competition putting downward pressure on the price of energy for commercial customers
  2. Significant economic benefits, including new jobs and regional development; and
  3. The WA Government avoiding having to spend on new power generation infrastructure, instead allowing more government funds for investment in core public services and social infrastructure.

Residential customers do not yet have the benefit of choosing their suppliers. But by supporting continued private investment and an open and competitive market, the right conditions exist to allow power to be supplied competitively to all Western Australians in the future.